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TGF Top 50 songs of 2017 - "Not a problem"

"...when it is constructed as beautifully as "Not a Problem" the guitar sticks with you, and the chill vocals hearken back to a different era... everything just feels right, all the way through. I always feel a little bit better after listening to 'Not a Problem'..."


Daily Song Drop - 'Not a Problem'

"I'm damn impressed with what Matt Reagan is doing... I just love that guitar..."


Anchor Music News

2016 Artist of the Year

"Matt Reagan is a musician that I can't get enough of. His music is unique, catchy, and fun. His passion for music is evident through each song released. These are some of the many reasons he is my 2016 artist of the year..."


'Moment' Single Premiere

'Far' Single Premiere

'Not a Problem' Premiere


A Little Bit Louder

'Compilation no.1' Feature


Abduction Radiation

'Weekend Wake Up' Feature Playlist


ANON Magazine

'Monday Mixtape' Jan. 9, 2017

'Monday Mixtape' April 4, 2016


At cost magazine

'Moment' Feature

"Beating with the glint of "Casio" tones from its lo-fi synth samples, Matt Reagan rips through with sunny, full-bodied guitar on his latest track 'Moment'."


The Daily Listening

Daily Discovery Feature

"'Far,' showcases his versatility tenfold, making his DIY approach as much intriguing as it is applauded."

'Not a Problem' Feature



Digital Earbuds Music

Who's Hot 50 Mix

"...awesome artists hand-picked by the 'Digital Earbuds Music Blog' authors."


Digital High Blog

'Far' Feature

"...unabashed indie-rock aura ...the track stands out thanks to crisp, driving riffs, and a polished vocal effort that really emboldens the piece."


'Weekend Wrap' Feature Playlist - Sept. 9, 2016

'Weekend Wrap' Feature Playlist - Dec. 9, 2016

'Weekend Wrap' Feature Playlist Feb. 10, 2017


Emerging Indie Bands

'New Release' Feature

 "Matt Reagan is able to invest the out-put with some engrossing curly-wisps which demand closer attention... which attests to the ability of Matt Reagan to deliver the unanticipated."


Find A Song

Singer/Songwriter Track of the Day

'Not a Problem' Feature



'Vecka 36' Feature Playlist



'Compilation no.1' Feature

"Mr. Reagan's music is pleasing, energetic and a must have for your collection. Dreamy vocals, catchy riffs, and his percussion create a wonderful light and airy alternative sound."



'Indietronica Mixtape' August 2016

'Indietronica Mixtape' March 2016



'Not a Problem' Feature


Insomnia Radio

'Daily Dose' Feature 3.28.16

'Daily Dose' Feature 11.27.15


Let's Not Get Carried Away  

'2 for 2uesday' Feature

"...I hope this San Francisco kid will make it down to LA soon."


Little Indie Blogs

'Listen' Feature

"...helmed by Reagan's rather angelic vocals and layered harmonies, and of course, those lush guitar lines..."


Milk Crater

'Moment' Feature

"When you're in the mood for retro flavor, but demand less Eurythmics and more Hall & Oates + Toto. I'd wrap Matt Reagan in with Tame Impala for best sounding modern band with 80s dream-pop influence."



'The Indie Year 2017' Feature Playlist



'Let Things End' Feature

"Matt is a brilliant and talented performer who seems to have a handle on what matters most to his musical audience, and holds an unflinching view on how to convey the emotions of his listener base into a cohesive and emotionally connecting track. A truly marvelous talent..."


Music News Nashville

'New Release' Feature

"...lush, romantic and driving... will appeal to fans of The Weeknd and Derek Webb..."




'Far' Feature

'Moment' Feature

"...a funky pop single with hot melodies."


Purple Melon Music

'Far' Feature


Queen Beetch

New Music Feature



August 2016 Discoveries


The Sound Of Confusion

'The Sound Of Confusion Radio Show'


Spreading the Seed

Top 10 Playlist Vol.35

"Blogging about the most exciting new music artists globally..."


That New Jam

'Crunch Time Vol.5' Feature Playlist


Wee World

'A Song A Day' Feature

"Let Things End has that air of upbeat melancholy that I love - it's a hard balance to strike."


Wolf In A Suit

'A Singer and His Songs' Feature Playlist

"Hand picked artists that are excellent examples of being a singer/songwriter."



7 Rad Singles You Should Check Out

"'Not a Problem' fuses together fuzzy guitars and layered vocals for a richly textured sound that could easily fit in at The Filmore West (tambourine included) or with any modern indie fan."


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